2019 Schedule—
Coming Concerts and Events
Past Concerts and Events
Tues. Sept 15-15—Tyndale University New Campus Opening Event
Sept 21 - 25, 2015—Muskoka Bible Centre - Senior Retreat
Sat. Mar 28-15—Wedding
Sun. Jan 11-15—Calvary Baptist Church - Toronto, ON
Sun. Jan 4-15—Wedding
Sun. Dec 28-14—Bethany Church - 10:00 a.m. service
Wed. Dec 24-14—Calvary Church, 746 Pape Ave. Toronto, ON
6:00 eve service
Sun. Dec 21-14—Clearview Community Church - Stayner, ON
9:30 a.m. + 11:00 a.m.
Sun. Dec 14-14—Pineland Baptist Church - Burlington, ON 6:00 p.m.
Sat. Dec 13-14—Rejoice Tour with Jody Cross - Burlington, ON Compass Pt.
Fri. Dec 12-14—Rejoice Tour with Jody Cross - Orillia, ON
Sun Dec 7-14—Rejoice Tour with Jody Cross - Barrie, ON
Sat. Dec 6-14—Rejoice Tour with Jody Cross
Fri. Dec 5-14—Rejoice Tour with Jody Cross - London, ON
Nov 16-14—First Baptist Church - Orillia, ON
Oct 26-14—Dalit Freedom Network Canada - Fundraising Event
Swagat Banquet Hall - Mississauga, ON
Oct 26-14—Wilmar Heights Baptist Church - Scarborough, ON
Sept 21-14—Redeemer City Church, Orillia
11:00 a.m. service
May 31st—Orchard Park Bible College
February 23rd—Harvest Bible Chapel
February 1st—Wedding
December 29th—Safe Haven
December 15th—Rejoice Tour @ Owen Sound Calvary EMC
December 14th—Rejoice Tour @ Newmarket Grace
December 13th—Rejoice Tour @ Alliston PAOC
December 8th—Peoples Church
December 6th—Rejoice Tour @ Barrie Willow Creek
December 1st—Rejoice Tour @ Burlington Baptist
November 30th—Rejoice Tour @ Lindsay PAOC
November 22nd—In Touch Ministries
November 17th—First Baptist Church and Redeemer City
November 15th—Masala Ministries w/Tony Compolo
September 7th—Wedding
July 6th—Wedding
May 30th—Mayors Prayer Breakfast
May 25th/26th—Womens Retreat
May 18th/19th—Elim Lodge
April 19th to May 10th—World Vision Tour
April 7th—Newmarket Church of the Nazarene
March 31st—First Baptist Church
February 2nd—Ladies Day Apart
January 27th—Peoples Church
January 20th—Glenridge Bible Church
December 16th a.m.—Richmond Hill Pentecostal Church
December 16th p.m.—Global Kingdom Ministries
December 9th—Calvary Baptist Church, a.m. service
December 7th to 9th—Calvary Baptist Christmas Production
December 5th—Huntley Street w/Jody Cross
Nov 29th to Dec 2nd—World Vision Christmas Tour
November 23rd—In Touch Ministries
November 20th/21st—World Vision
November 17th—Joy Mission
November 8th—Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast
November 3rd/4th—Wilmar Heights Baptist Church
October 28th—Calvary Baptist Church
October 27th—Parker Trio Event
October 21st—Peoples Church
October 14th—West Highland Baptist Church
October 7th—First Baptist Church
September 30th—Waverly Road Baptist Church
September 23rd—Safe Haven Worship Centre
June 10th—Bayview Glen Church
June 2nd—Mission Caribbean Dinner Concert
May 27th—Global Kingdom Ministries
May 25th—In Touch Ministries
May 24th—Richmond Hill Prayer Breakfast
May 5th/6th—Fellowship Baptist Church
April 27th to May 16th—Tour w/Stars on Ice/World Vision
April 22nd—Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa
April 8th—Prayer Palace
April 6th (am)—Peoples Church
April 6th (pm)—Prayer Palace
March 3rd—My Sisters Keeper Benefit Concert
February 25th—Firm Faith Community Church
February 4th—Ladies Day Apart
December 31st—Danforth Community Church
December 10th—Afternoon soloist @ Faith Family Books
December 2nd and 3rd—Rexdale Alliance Church
November 27th—Calvary Baptist Church
November 20th—Peoples Church
November 18th—In Touch Ministries Canada
November 1st - 5th—Urban Covenant Ministries, Toronto
October 30th—Prayer Palace
October 23rd—Wilmar Heights Baptist Church
October 21st—Civic Prayer Breakfast, Ottawa
October 16th—Danforth Community Church
October 9th—Harvest Bible Chapel
October 6th—Harvest Bible Chapel
September 23rd—In Touch Ministries
July 23rd—Fair Havens Bible Camp
July 2nd—Wedding Soloist
May 27th - 29th—Open Doors Canada, Orangeville
April 21st - May 13th—World Vision with Stars on Ice
March 26th—Opening for The Isaacs
March 20th—Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa
March 13th—Peoples Church
March 6th—Peoples Church
March 1st—Greater East Toronto Prayer Breakfast
January 10th—Living Truth, Peoples Church
January 2, 2011—Safe Haven Worship Center
December 19th—Harvest Bible Chapel
December 12th—Hillside Missionary Church
December 11th—Faith Family Books
November 19th—In Touch Ministries Canada
October 9th - 20th—In Africa
September 19th—Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa
August 21st—Private Event
July 16th to 25th—Severn Bridge Bible Camp
June 13th—Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa
May 27th to 30th—Open Doors Canada
May 22nd—Firm Faith Ministries
May 11th—In Touch Ministries
May 12th—In Touch Ministries
April 18th—Peoples Church, Toronto
April 2nd—Safe Haven Worship Centre, Pickering
March 26th—WDCX Interview at Faith Family Books
March 7th—Funeral Service
February 19th—Youth for Christ
February 13th—Haiti Relief Concert
January 10th—Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa
December 13th—Harvest Bible Chapel, Barrie
December 13th—Bethel Pentecostal Church, Sarnia
December 12th—Faith Family Books
December 10th—CrossOver Christmas Party
December 6th—Peoples Church
December 5th—Concert with Kelita
December 4th—Victory Baptist Church, Newmarket
November 22nd—Child Dedication
November 20th—In Touch Ministries
November 13th—Mission Fest Fundraiser
November 6th—Toronto Mass Choir
November 7th—Huntsville Youth for Christ
October 26th-30th—In Touch Ministries
October 18th—Bayview Glen Church
October 17th—Wedding Soloist
September 29th—In Touch Ministries
September 24th—In Touch Ministries
September 13th—Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa
September 6th—Baby Dedication
August 1st to 5th—Kingdom Bound
July 11th—Faith Family Books
June 27th—Severn Bridge Bible Camp
June 14th—Huron Park Baptist Church Anniversary Service
June 13th—World Vision, Belleville
June 6th and 7th—RECON Mens Ministries, New Hamburg
June 2nd—In Touch Ministries, Kitchener
May 26th—In Touch Ministries, Ottawa
April 19th to May 9th—Travelling with World Vision
April 16th to 18th—Mission Fest, Toronto
April 10th to 12th—Kennedy Road Tabernacle, Brampton
March 7th—Open Doors Canada
February 7th—Royal York Baptist Church
January 11th—Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa
December 21st—City Centre Baptist Church
December 20th—Wedding Soloist
December 17th—100 Huntley Street broadcast
December 14th—St Anns Community Church
December 10th—Capture the Wonder, Vancouver
December 13th—Capture the Wonder, Toronto
December 7th—Toronto City Mission
December 7th—Peoples Church, Toronto
December 5th—Open Arms Mission Banquet
November 28th—Georgetown Alliance Church
November 29th—Georgetown Alliance Church
November 8th—Joy Mission Benefit Concert
November 1st—Heavens Rehearsal, Rogers Centre
October 12th—Safe Haven Worship Centre, Pickering
October 5th—Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa
September 27th—Hope FM Fundraising Dinner
September 21st—Bayview Glen Church, Thornhill
September 21st—Whitby Christian Assembly (pm)
September 18th—50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
September 20th—Christian Blind Mission
August 16th—Gift of Hope International
July 26th—Lampstand Music Festival
July 12th—Silver Birches Camp, Kirkland Lake
June 29th—Huron Park Baptist Church
June 29th—Kennedy Road Tabernacle
June 6th—Wedding Soloist
May 4th—Harvest Bible Chapel, Cover the Earth
April 12th—Personal Engagement
March 29th—Trulls Road Free Methodist Church, Courtice
March 21st—Safe Haven Worship Centre, Pickering
February 17th—Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa
February 17th—Hughs Room, Toronto
February 10th—Safe Haven Worship Centre, Pickering
January 10th—Interview with Chex TV, Live at Five
December 31st—Bethel Pentecostal Church, Smith Falls
December 23rd—Calvary Church, Toronto
December 16th, morning—Rice Road Community Church
December 16th, evening—Capture the Wonder
December 15th, evening—Rice Road Community Church
December 7th—People's Church, Toronto @ 7:00pm
December 8th—People's Church, Toronto @ 3:30 & 7:00pm
December 9th—People's Church, Toronto @ 3:30 & 7:00pm
November 20th—Christian Business Ministries Canada
November 3rd—Christ-Forgiving Ministries
October 23rd—Covenant Awards, Calgary
October 21st—Homes for Kids, NYC
October 13th—Durham Christian Academy, Oshawa
September 16th—Boston Baptist Church, Wilsonville
September 9th—Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa
August 11th—Muskoka Baptist Conference, Huntsville
August 10th—Wedding Soloist, Unionville
July 15th—Homes for Kids @ Stone Church, Toronto
July 10th—Guest on 100 Huntley Street
July 7th—Wedding Soloist, People's Church
June 17th—People's Church, Toronto
June 9th—Wedding Soloist, St. Catherines
May 20th—People's Church, Toronto
May 6th - p.m.—People's Church, Toronto
May 5th - p.m.—Fellowship Baptist Church, Markham
May 5th - a.m.—Wedding Soloist, Etobicoke
May 4th—CSam/Singles Link, London
April 29th - a.m.—Safe Haven Worship Centre, Ajax
April 29th - p.m.—People's Church, Toronto
April 30th—Global Outreach Mission, Buffalo-NY
March 31st—Quinte Youth for Christ, Wesley Acres
February 8th—Focus on the Family, Saskatoon
December 24th—Heritage Park Alliance Church, Windsor
December 8th-11th—Elim Tabernacle, Saskatoon-SK
December 2nd—Christ Forgiving Ministries, Toronto
November 26th—Bethel Pentecostal, Smith Falls (pm)
November 25th—Plan & Prepare, Burlington
November 19th—Harvest Bible Chapel, Barrie
November 11th&12th—Parkdale Baptist Church, Belleville
November 6th—Joy Mission, Toronto
November 5th—Live Interview on Flow 93.5FM (8:00am)
November 5th—The Good Neighbours Club, Toronto
October 29th—Prairie Tabernacle, Three Hills-AB
October 26th-28th—Covenant Awards, Calgary-AB
October 22nd—King Street Pentecostal Church, Oshawa
October 17th-19th—In Touch Ministries of Canada, Aurora
October 14th—UCB Radio (102.3FM) - Live at 2:00pm
October 8th—Northridge Community Church, Newmarket
September 17th—Whitby Christian Fellowship, Whitby
September 10th—Calgary Baptist Church, Oshawa
September 2nd—Personal Engagement, Etobicoke
August 29th—Gage Park, Bancroft
August 19th—Mel Lastman Square, Toronto (4:30pm)
August 13th—Immanuel Baptist Church, Toronto
July 29th—Personal Engagement, Oshawa (morning)
July 29th—Personal Engagement, Toronto (evening)
July 28th—The Mix Community Event, Toronto
July 23rd&24th—Wesley Acres, Bloomfield
July 1st&2nd—Muskoka Baptist Conference, Huntsville
June 24th&25th—Willingdon Church, Burnaby-BC
June 18th—Highland Baptist Church, Hamilton
June 11th—People's Church, Toronto
June 1st—In Touch Ministries of Canada
May 26th—Milton New Life Church, Milton
May 21st—First Alliance Church, Toronto
May 14th—Dovercourt Baptist Church, Toronto
May 13th—People's Church-Missions Event, Toronto
May 13th—First Church of God, Toronto
May 4th—Fellowship Towers, Toronto
April 30th—Rosewood Church of the Nazarene, Scarborough
April 22nd—Quinte Youth for Christ, Picton
April 16th—People's Church, Toronto
April 16th—Live Interview on Flow 93.5FM
April 15th—Personal Engagement, Toronto
April 14th—Safe Haven Worship Centre, Pickering
April 9th—St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Toronto
April 9th—Personal Engagement, Courtice
April 8th—Drew Marshall Show, Joy1250 at 2:00 p.m. (live)
April 2nd—Heron Park Baptist, Toronto
April 1st—UCB Radio - Live from 12-1 p.m.
March 31st—Bethany Lodge, Unionville
March 26th—Calvary Church, Toronto
March 25th—Salvation Army, Westin Harbour Castle Hotel
March 23rd&24th—Toronto Praise Event, Toronto
March 20th—Guest on 100 Huntley Street
March 19th—Banfield Memorial Church
March 12th—Willowdale Baptist Church
March 11th—Personal Engagement
February 26th—Willowdale Pentecostal Church
February 19th—Safe Haven Worship Centre, Pickering
February 18th—Durham Christian Singles Event, Whitby
February 12th—Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa
February 4th&5th—Peoples Church, Toronto
February 1st—Night Life Live-Crossroads 2-4am Live
January 27th—Mitchell Family Bookstore, Etobicoke
January 20th—Peoples Church, Toronto
January 21st—Peoples Church, Toronto
January 13th—Danny Brooks CD Release Event
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