At the tender age of 15 Hiram Joseph committed his life to Christ. He knew immediately his rich tenor voice was a gift to be used to minister to people. Throughout his 25 years of music ministry he has traveled to over 35 countries confirming his place as one of Canada’s premier Christian artists. He has won accolades from the Kingston Convention PAOC and the Jazz Festival of Canada receiving Top Male Vocalist honours from both groups. Nominated for a prestigious Juno award in 1998 Hiram was blessed to play a pivotal role on the 2003 Juno award winning “Instrument of Praise” CD recorded by the Toronto Mass Choir. He was also a featured soloist on the Juno nominated “Saved” CD. His “Speak Lord To Me” CD continues to touch the hearts of those seeking to draw nearer and strengthen their relationship with God.

Hiram’s inspirational vocal abilities have comforted audiences all over the world and he continues to travel far and wide to spread the word of Jesus. He appears regularly on the nationally televised 100 Huntley Street as he has done since the early 1980’s, solidifying himself as a favorite of David and Norma Jean Mainse. Hiram has often been a featured vocalist with such luminaries as Billy Graham, Tony Campolo, John MacArthur, John Wesley White and the late Terry Winters. His most memorable moment took place in Ottawa where he performed for an audience of over 30,000 believers and was joined on the platform by Mother Theresa. More recently Hiram has been blessed to share the microphone with Babbie Mason, Janet Paschal, John Starnes and Robin Mark just to name a few. This past February Hiram appeared as a feature performer with the Gaither Homecoming Tour. He is presently artist in residence at The People’s Church in Toronto which is televised nationally as “The Living Truth” with renowned bible teacher Charles Price.

There is no congregation or audience too big or too small for Hiram to minister to. He willingly accepts the obligation and the privilege to praise and worship in order to glorify God. His is a gift bestowed specifically for this purpose and he does not take this privilege lightly.
     Hiram shares his gift in the studio with many Christian artists by providing background vocals. His studio talent and experience are of such quality that he his known affectionately as “one take Hiram”.

As is the duty of all Christians Hiram regularly attends The People’s Church to maintain his personal accountability and to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. This serves his ministry well in that his spirit is ministered to, preparing him to reach others.

God is not finished with Hiram yet! Hiram feels Spirit led to plan and create a new worship CD. Envision a musical journal of precious moments spent with the Lord.Hiram is looking forward to a live recording that will contain original songs and classic hymns that he hopes will create a spirit of unity in all believers and draw them closer to their Creator than they ever thought possible.

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